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We are engaged in the manufacturing of 7000 different products for 750 customers on a European-wide scale. The success of our company is based on a technologically sophisticated and individual production. We mostly use self-developed and patent-protected equipment and machinery. Our constantly high investment ratio is the basis for a modern-type and high-performance machinery.


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All tools required for the production of our products (punching, bending, canting etc.) are exclusively developed and manufactured by us. This way, we protect our knowhow and exclusively use it for our customers. In addition to the manufacturing, we generally maintain and repair our tools through our tool making department. We are thus able to react at short notice and to ensure the high degree of availability of our equipment.

An essential part of our product portfolio cannot be economically produced with standard machines available on the market. Our company-internal plant engineering is engaged in the preparation of innovative solutions implemented into the construction of high-performance special machines: starting with the first idea, implemented into a complete construction, up to the manufacturing, commissioning and serial production of the plant.





Our CAD system includes the most updated methodology of innovative design and construction generating the condition for the successful performance of our tool and plant engineering. The CAD system has also become a daily and indispensable component for our joint development projects with our customers.



Surface treatment


Shot peening

Glass bead blasting

Vibratory grinding / barrel finishing

Electrolytic polishing



Marking Systems


Laser engraving

Tampon- and laser printing


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An efficient quality management system is not a sure-fire success. The production of quality is daily lived by our staff members. The system is monitored through specialized staff at the best supported through the availability of most up-to-date test- and measuring equipment.

In addition to the established test- and measuring methods, we perform the following activities:

Preparation of force-path diagrams
Dynamic endurance tests
Relaxation tests
Optical image measurement
Tactile measuring of 3-D geometries
Automatic length- and diameter measuring (inline)
Permanent furnace monitoring
Metaflux method for surface crack tests
Metallurgical tests
CAQ system

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Logistics concepts based on EDI, KANBAN and call- and delivery schedules are part of the daily requirements of the market. In addition to a well-organized production, the availability of storage space capacities is an indispensable condition in this context. thema has recognized this development and has extended the logistics area by an impressive 4,000 m2 through the construction of a new ultra-modern industrial building in 2013. The total area for storage, shipment and commissioning amounts to 5,800 m2 in the meantime.





Modern document management with "Docu-Ware"

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