At last: themaDUR®

The equipment lifespan revolution
for spring tines and harrow tines
patented and field-tested

A new system of protection against wear and tear

Spring tines and harrow tines are predominantly used for the cultivation of agricultural land and for sport and horse-riding facilities. During their use, they are subject to continual wear and tear. Which is why we've developed themaDUR® – a new and extremely effective form of protection against the effects of wear and tear.

Increase in product lifespan

Comprehensively field-tested, themaDUR® has been shown to be impressively effective in its areas of application. With themaDUR®, the lifespan of conventional spring tines and harrow tines can be comfortably exceeded.

Wide range of applications

themaDUR® can be used for all pre-existing spring tines and harrow tines, without the tines themselves having to be specially adapted. So as an equipment manufacturer, you won't have to worry about making any product design modifications.

Added value for you

Constantly having to change harrow tines not only wastes time – it entails considerable expense in terms of labour and replacement parts. With themaDUR®, you can provide agricultural machinery that comfortably exceeds the lifespan of other systems. themaDUR® will help you achieve significant and sustainable increases in sales.

Our customers

If you are an agricultural equipment manufacturer, we'll be happy to provide you with a tailored themaDUR® quotation. Simply tell us how many spring tines and harrow tines you need. And we'll give you the benefit of our many years' experience as an innovative manufacturer of high-precision quality tines.

Please note that themaDUR® is not available for sale to traders, merchants or end users.


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